Massage Therapy In Oxford Ohio

There are many benefits to massage therapy, some of which include; Tissue Rejuvenation, Joint Malfunctions, Rehabilitative Therapy, Ease Muscle Tension, Improved Circulation, Stress Reduction, Headache & Migraine Relief, Blood Pressure Reduction and Pain Relief.

Often times, health insurance or worker's compensation will pay for this type of Massage Therapy.

How Massage Heals

Getting a massage is more than just a luxurious way to relax. It also changes the way our genes behave and contributes to muscular healing, new research has found. Scientists had 11 male volunteers ride stationary bicycles until they were exhausted. They then massaged one of each volunteer's thighs for 10 minutes and took biopsies from both legs. In samples from massaged muscles, they found that genes linked to inflammation and soreness were three times less active than they were in those from the untreated legs. The massages also caused a 30 percent increase in a gene that helps muscle cells create mitochondria-cellular organs that produce energy-potentially boosting muscle recovery. Previous studies have suggested that massage can reduce stress and discomfort, but scientists weren't sure how it worked-or whether its effects were purely psychological. The new study underlines the practice's dual therapeutic benefits of repairing muscles and reducing pain. "With massage," Mark Tarnopolsky, a professor of medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, tells The New York Times, "it seems you can have your cake and eat it too."

Types of Massage:

Neuromuscular - Deeper muscular work of soft tissue having an impact on nervous tissue, hormone and blood chemistry.
Acupressure - Stimulation of the nerve tract in tissue and facial grooves.
Myofacial Release - Works connective tissues by elongating and manipulating soft tissues deeply.
Sports Massage - Stimulating the muscular tissue and blood for
top performance
TMJ - Working with the Temporomandibular Joint to alleviate pressure.
Prenatal - Specific positioning of the mother and child, stimulating tissues of superficial aspect to promote circulation and muscle tension relief.